Chemicals Contained in Cigarettes

Ever wondered exactly what chemicals are contained in cigarettes? Here are a small selection of the chemicals contained in cigarettes.

Arsenic – a common rat poison, and the murder weapon of choice for estranged lovers.

Formaldehyde – used to preserve dead bodies. Causes cancer as well as to unpleasant ailments such as respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems.

Ammonia – Cigarette companies find the necessary for flavouring, and it also aids the freeing of nicotine from tobacco. You can also find it in toilet cleaning and dry cleaning fluids.

Acetone – also used as a nail varnish remover.

Hydrogen Cyanide – an extremely poisonous substance, which has been used in chemical warfare, by the Germans in the holocaust (when it was given the name Zyklon B) and by the Americans to kill criminals.

Carbon Monoxide – another highly toxic carinogen, also found in car exhaust fumes.

Nicotine – consists of a tiny fraction of a cigarette – usually less than 3 % – but is the sole reason for our addiction. Nicotine raises the blood pressure, and releases fat and cholestorol into the body. It is the only chemical contained in the electronic cigarette.

Scary as the list above is, tobacco harm reduction scientists believe it is the chemicals formed when tobacco smoke (or any other type of smoke) is formed that cause most of the damage, rather than the chemicals named above.

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  1. Great post dude. What ever you have listed are the chemicals contained in cigarettes and these are very harmful to our health.

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