Electronic Cigarette Interview

E-Cigarette Interview: An Interview with Paul Bergen

The Electronic Cigarette seems to be under attack more than usual at present – which makes it an appropriate time for us to publish our interview on the Electronic Cigarette, much of which relates to Electronic Cigarette safety.

The interview is with Paul Bergen of the Tobacco Harm Reduction Project. Those of us who follow the blog regularly will know that we are fans of the project. The project is an excellent source of information, not just for those interested in the electronic cigarette but also about other alternatives to smoking such as smokeless tobacco. You can also check out the Tobacco Harm Reduction Project’s excellent e-cigarette FAQ’s.

Overall, the project takes the tack that it is better to switch to an method of nicotine intake which removes the majority of the risk than it is to continue smoking, even if the method of smoking is not entirely risk free.

We have added a comments section to the end of the interview should you wish to give your own opinion!

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