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How good is Ryanairs electronic cigarette?

Earlier today we posted about the Ryanair electronic cigarette. We felt it was a good move forward that an airline was going beyond allowing an electronic cigarette and actually selling one. Not everyone agrees – Paul Bergen from the Tobacco Harm Reduction Center was not impressed with the device. In an email to us he […]

Airline Shows Way Forwards with Electronic Cigarettes

Ryanair is showing other airlines the way forward in regard to smoking and electronic cigarettes. Not only are they allowing electronic cigarettes to be used, they are now selling a cheap disposable to allow smokers to calm frayed nerves. According to the electric pig, the airline stated: “these cigarettes are smokeless, they cause no discomfort […]

Push Suicide Inducing Drug to Mentally Ill Smokers say Big Pharm Scientists

A press release issued by two scientists recommends that Zyban or Chantix (Champix in the UK) be subscribed to smokers being treated with mental illness. Shockingly, the scientists behind the study recommend that counsellors take advantage of the position of trust they have built up with patients to push the drugs, stating: “They [the study […]

Njoy UK Electronic Cigarettes – Special Launching Offer!

We are really pleased to announce that we are now working with NJOY to provide their range to the UK. Special Offer We also have a special offer for the launch of their range: free postage for any NJOY electronic cigarette free postage for NJOY cartridges when ordered with any NJOY electronic cigarette reduced price […]

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