Using The E-Cigarette: Latest Pics
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by: James Dunworth

The latest pictures from ECigaretteDirect users!

The below is from Roger Barclay-Edwards, a fantastically interesting gentleman who is stocking up on our Vanilla refills ahead of a three month visit to Bali to build an ecological resort. (Hopefully we will get pictures of the resort itself when it is finished :))

Roger explained that he looks rather serious in the picture because it is difficult to get a smile and vapour in the same picture!

Smoking the electronic cigarette.

Roger also sent us the following caption to go along with the photo:

Enjoying an NJOY Duo; the flavour, the taste (better than tobacco) and none of the mess that other e-cigarettes with separate atomisers give you!
We have also been sent a fantastic series of images by Karl Daniels:
Inhaling the vapour:
Inhaling from an electronic cigarette.
Exhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette.

Blowing out the vapour.

And Enjoying!

Karl enjoys a vape as he blows out vapour from his e-cigarette

Enjoying the vape!

Karl told us:

This is me smoking the vanilla flavour NJOY Duo, vanilla is the best flavour I have tried and I love it.

I was sceptical when I placed my first order, but 2 months later and after purchasing various accessories I have not looked back. I immediately stopped smoking regular cigarettes and tell everyone I see how great they are. My mother is against smokers as she is allergic to smoke, she banned me and my father from smoking anywhere near her many years ago. But last week I vaped just before she came to my home and she didn’t even realise. I then vaped in front of her to show her how different they are and she didn’t even smell anything. Amazing product and a great company, keep up the good work.

For more reviews, pictures and opinions check out our testimonials page.

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