New pictures and movies of the Smoker’s HALO E-Cigarette
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by: James Dunworth

It’s a while since we added any new images of our electronic cigarette in use, so I’d thought we’d include a few here. There’s also a great video this time!

Vaping Doctor

A doctor dual vaping!

Doctor’s use the Smoker’s HALO too. This good doctor sent us this image with the message:


Steve Barwell

Steve Barwell sent us this image:

Steve Barwell with a Smoker's HALO electronic cigarette.

Steve wrote:

“After smoking tobacco for over 30 years I have found an alternative that actually works. The question for me was would I crave tobacco when having a beer or two? The answer was no, I didn’t. Despite having tobacco in the house I continued to use the e-cig when having a beer and have since discarded all remaining tobacco. Highly recommended.”

The Dancer and the Devil

This great video is from – and the Smoker’s HALO e-cigarette makes an appearance!

The Dancer and the Devil – Rogue Theatre from Ian Bucknole on Vimeo.

Paul Boydell

Paul Boydell

This pic is from Paul, who told us:

“Both myself and my wife have been smokers for years. Neither have smoked a REAL cigarette since recieving these kits. The original objective was to save money, not to give up smoking but we’ve done both.”

Shiralee: The Best So Far!

shiralee with an electronic cigarette

This image from Shiralee came with a lovely message:

Hi James,

I have tried many ecigs since giving up smoking in May, but I’ve got to say that this is the best by far. I actually feel like I’m still smoking but without the smell and stains on my fingers. This ecig is absolutly brilliant, and I will definatly be buying some more, I have got my eye on the burgandy one, very nice, and the menthol cartridges are the best I’ve ever tasted, Well done ECigarette Direct.

Looking for a decent e-cig? Check out The Smoker’s HALO! Want to see more images? You can see all of them on our facebook page or User Gallery.

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