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E Cig Vaping Etiquette
The 10 Rules of Vaping Etiquette: Plus 5 Great Prizes To Be Won

Have you ever been confused about vaping etiquette? Or where you can vape? There’s plenty of advice out there. But you’ll find some of it is written by journalists who don’t vape, but feel it is their right to lecture us on how we should behave. Ideally, etiquette should be decided by vapers, but as we found […]

malware in e-cigarette
Malware in Ecigarettes: Do you need to worry?

How a Reddit rumour became a National News story, how likely is malware in your e-cig, and how to stop it from ever happening Imagine this. Your new e-cig comes in. You immediately plug the battery into your laptop to start charging it. Unknown to you, a small piece of software crawls into your computer, […]

ecig blogs vaping bloggers love
The Vaping Blogs That Vaping Bloggers Love

10 E-Cig Bloggers Share Their Favourite Vaping Blogs Have you missed any good e-cig blogs in the past? I know I have. And what better way to find great vaping blogs than by asking vaping bloggers themselves what they read. To keep things fresh, I’ve invited different bloggers from those who kindly contributed to our 2015 ecig […]

E-Cigarette News Views
E-Cigs Cause (Media) Schizophrenia: A Case Study

Recent data has shown clear evidence that e-cigarettes have led to schizophrenia among several UK newspapers. In this case study, we’ll look at one particularly severe case, although many media outlets have suffered similar symptoms after being exposed to unreliable second hand vapour reports. Scientists Say E-Cigarettes Are Bad For You We’ll start off with […]

2015 e-cigarette forecast
Top E-Cig Figures Predict The Future of Vaping in 2015

Want to know what’s going to happen to the e-cigarette world next year? Well, you’re in luck! For the third year running, we’ve been incredibly lucky to get some of the biggest names in vaping to contribute their predictions for electronic cigarettes in 2015. (You can check out the 2014 predictions here.) This year, I’ve […]

Interview Louise Ross E-cigarettes & NHS
How One NHS Clinic Is Using E-Cigarettes to Help Smokers

While at the E-Cigarette Summit this year (if you haven’t read our write up, do check it out here – there are some great quotes) I heard Louise Ross speak. Louise is the manager for Leicester’s Stop Smoking Service, the first stop smoking service in the UK to become ‘e-cig friendly’. She gave a great talk, […]

Daily Mail Ecig Scare Tactics
Daily Mail Ecig Story Will Lead To Early Deaths

Following a recent Daily Mail story, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you were worried about carcinogens in electronic cigarettes. After all, the headline screamed: Scary, right? Plus the report was released by the Japanese government, and everyone knows governments can be trusted. (No mention in the article was made of the fact the Japanese government […]

become an e-liquid taster
Do You Have What It Takes to Be an E-Liquid Taster?

Are you an experienced e-liquid reviewer/taster? Are you an e-liquid reviewer or an expert taster? Are you interested in becoming involved in the development of new e-liquid flavours and the improvement of existing flavours? If so, we want to work with you! Why are we doing this? We make our own UK e-liquid in our purpose fit laboratory […]

E-Cigarette Summit 2014
Return of the Titans: Ecig Summit 2

Update: Ecig Summit videos are now up here. Yesterday saw of the key players in e-cigarettes in the UK (and quite a few from the US too) gather in London for the second electronic cigarette summit. For your information, we’ve put together a summary of the event. Given that people may have different levels of […]

ecigs nicotine lower blood pressure
Could Vaping Reduce Your Blood Pressure?

Like many other vapers, I’ve always thought that both smoking and nicotine lead to an increase in our blood pressure. After all, nicotine constricts our blood vessels, making it harder for the heart to pump blood around our veins. And many health sites offer advice like: “After two hours without a cigarette, your heart rate and […]

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