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Speakers at the ECigarette Summit.
Titans of the ECigarette Debate Clash: ECigarette Summit Review

The e-cigarette summit was a huge success yesterday – congratulations to e-cigarette-forum for organising the summit. I was blown away by the success of it! I’ve put together this summary for people who are interested but couldn’t attend. In particular, I think it’s important for e-cigarette advocates to understand the debate where it stands. Obviously, you […]

ECigaretteSummit – The Big Players Finally Get Together

Described as: “The single most important event in the history of our industry…” by Katherine Devlin of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA), an ECigarette Summit will be held on 12th November at The Royal Society in London, aiming to provide: a balanced and neutral platform for health professionals, policy makers, scientists and e-cigarette […]

Former Action on Smoking And Health Director Discusses Nicotine and Endorses Electronic Cigarettes and THR

In the latest in our series of interview with experts on electronic cigarettes and/or tobacco harm reduction, Paul Bergen interviews Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and Health. Clive Bates has had a varied career in the private, public and not-profit sectors. He was the Director of London-based campaigning organisation Action on Smoking and […]

What does the UK Gov think about e-cigarettes?

Want to know what the game changers – the UK Government, and the people who influence the government, politics think about e-cigarettes? There’s conflicting opinions. Anti-Smoking Groups Some people argue it is better for smokers who can’t quit or don’t want to quit to die rather than using a device which looks like a cigarette. Sheila […]

What have the Pope, Sex and Condoms got to do with ASH, Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes?

First, let’s just say that condoms bear no actual resemblance to electronic cigarettes. I think few people think condoms make sex better (well, maybe the ribbed ones…) whereas a lot of dedicated vapers think e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes. The comparison comes when we get to harm reduction. The Pope has said that we […]

ASH makes new discovery, danger of chemicals depends on who uses them (and who pays ASH cash)

In a fascinating new scientific discovery, ASH has found that the danger of some chemicals depends on who is making money out of them. For example, tiny traces of tobacco-specific-nitrosamines are absolutely harmless when used in products sold and promoted by ASH sponsors. Nicotine poses no danger when sold as a nicotine cessation product by […]

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