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A man with a cigarette holds his hand up to a pub outside heater.

How to Stop The Welsh Ban On Ecigs

Are you feeling annoyed at the prospect of a Welsh ban on ecigarettes in public places? If so, it’s worth remembering that vapers did manage to stop the EU from medicalising ecigarettes. The people who won that battle were the vapers who wrote to their MEPs and explained how an effective ban on electronic cigarettes […]

Two people smoking outside.

Breaking News: Wales Bans Ecigs In Public Places

Wales has announced plans to ban ecigarettes in public places today, despite the fact that several studies (such as this and this) have proved that ecigarettes do not cause passive ‘vaping’. The excuse? That the ban is to protect the Welsh government’s denormalisation policy. Denormalisation is a deliberate policy to stigmatise smoking and make smokers appear, […]

Call to action from the European Free Vaping Initiative

EFVI Leaflet Plus Update from Pro-Vaping MEP Kay Swinburn

Lorien from the ECigarette Consumer Association kindly sent me a link to a leaflet to promote the European Free Vaping Association’s campaign to save ecigarettes. (You can read more about what they are doing here, or see the original leaflet Lorien sent me here). I’ve rewritten the leaflet for our customers (we have several thousand copies […]

Silhoutte of vaper on EU flag. Reads: "Fight for your right to vape."

EU Vapers In Last Ditch Attempt To Save Ecigs

The EU has rejected electronic cigarettes today, despite a majority of UK MEPs voting against it. While some compromises have been won, from 2016 we can expect the following: a likely ban on refillable ecigarettes ecigarettes to deliver a consistent dose of nicotine, despite the fact the technology has not yet been invented a limit […]

7 Shocking consequences of an EU Ecig ban

How An EU Ecig Ban Could Send One Million People Back To Smoking (Infographic)

Last month over 1600 of you took a survey, saying how you would react to an ECIG ban. The results are now out. Click on the infographic below to view the results in full size! Embed this Infographic on Your Site Please include attribution to with this infographic. To view different embed widths available, […]

Comment l’interdiction de l’UE ECIG pourrait envoyer plus d’un million de personnes à fumeur

Embed this infogrpahic on your site. Source: The Ashtray Blog Pourquoi cette enquête? Le gouvernement de l’UE et le Royaume-Uni et des médicaments Autorité de régulation des soins de santé ( MHRA ) ont fait pression pour la médicalisation des cigarettes électroniques. La MHRA a dit cela signifierait une interdiction sur tous les appareils de […]

A dragon attacks against a fiery red background.

Welsh Government Refuse to Engage on ECigarettes

For the first blog post of the year (after a rather long xmas break ;)) I was hoping to do something more positive. But unfortunately the battle to keep ecigs legal continues! Last year the Welsh government launched an attack on ecigarettes which contained several inaccuracies. Yet despite highlighting concerns over the safety and quality […]