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Smoking is Good For You: Here’s Why

Smoking cigarettes is good for you. Of course, smoking is also very bad for you. It causes: heart disease lung cancer empyhsemia impotence and lots and lots of statistics But that doesn’t mean to say it’s all bad! What’s Good about Smoking? First, we should say that these benefits are controversial. Many benefits of nicotine […]

What is in a cigarette? And why you need to worry about much, much more than just cigarettes…

What is in cigarettes? Actually, no one fully knows what’s in cigarettes. According to Professor Siegel: Only around 5300 of the chemicals in cigarette smoke have been identified. Other chemicals (up to 100,000) have yet to be identified. What we do know is that some of those chemicals cause a lot of damage! Chemicals in Cigarette […]

UK Gov takes another step towards tobacco harm reduction

I emailed the Conservative party recently on their policy towards e-cigarettes and tobacco harm reduction (actually I emailed all the parties, but only the Conservatives replied). Unfortunately, they didn’t really seem to understand the concept (providing alternatives for smokers who want to be healthier  but can’t or don’t want to quit.) Dear Mr Dunworth I […]

Vapers, you are all liars

Do you use electronic cigarettes? Have you claimed to have replaced regular cigarettes with the devices? If so, according to Utah politicians, you are a liar. According to the Utah department of health, using electronic cigarettes doesn’t reduce smoking at all. That’s despite several surveys where vapers say they have replaced regular cigarettes with electronic […]

The best warranty on electronic cigarettes

Beating the unmatched warranty We are quite friendly with ECigaretteNational, an American electronic cigarette company. I like some of the work they have done in defence of the e-cigarette – they have provided us with information and we have linked to them in the past. However, I can’t help noticing (or commenting upon) their claim […]

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