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Electronic Cigarette Sale: Discounts and Special Offers on The Smoker’s Halo

You can get two special offers from ecigarettedirect this month: one on mini-kits and on refills. Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit Special Offer For a limited time only, you can get a free battery (usual cost: £8.50) with every Smoker’s Halo mini electronic cigarette you buy. To check out the mini kit, or get your free battery, […]

Learn how you can get your free electronic cigarette kit RIGHT NOW!

It`s easy to get a free electronic cigarette. And I`m going to tell you how. Just google: Free Electronic Cigarette Trial And you`ll come across hundreds of sites offering free electronic cigarettes. Only one problem. They need your payment details first. Then, despite their `free trial` offer, they`ll start taking your money every month. Leaving […]

The HALO Flavour Explosion – and how to use group buying to get an incredible discount!

We have had several requests in the past for a pack of mixed electronic cigarette flavours. I’ve now added the product to our website, and it can be ordered from our electronic cigarette refills page. This explosion of flavours includes: 1 vanilla flavour 1 cherry flavour 1 tobacco flavour 1 menthol flavour 1 chocolate flavour […]

Electronic Cigarette: Email Updates and Discount Codes

We are introducing a new feature to the website – email updates. If you sign up for the updates you will get regular updates on e-cigarette news and information, and also information about any new products we stock. We will also be including the occassional discount code enabling our members to buy our products cheaper. […]

Electronic Cigarette – Quantity Discount!!

Update: Please note, this offer dates from February 2009 and is no longer relevant. Our current special offer is a free battery with every six refills ordered. If you are interested in receiving discount vouchers and special offers every month please check out our special offers page. We have just added a new feature to […]

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