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Killing by the Million – and that’s just the health campaigners…

Image above by Jim Frazier This is not our title, but that of Clives Bates, a previous director of ASH-UK. This short fascinating post points out that health campaigner’s insistance on pushing quitting on smokers rather than on suggesting alternative smoking methods could lead to millions dying. If the world tobacco market shifted to selling […]

Letter to HRH Camilla

A copy of our letter to the Princess of Wales: HRH Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Clarence House London Your Royal Highness We would like to offer you the enclosed gift, an electronic cigarette, which is designed to assist in giving up smoking and can also be used without fear of passive smoking, as it not […]


By Jean Rasbridge We have a small business and work from our own premises – some of us smokers, others not. I had given up two years before the dreaded BAN was enforced, so was not affected. However, after the ban we had to put signs in vans, in the kitchen where we all meet […]

The Electronic Cigarette and Quitting Smoking!

Can you quit smoking with the electronic cigarette? Firstly, and before we start giving you reasons to buy it, it would be far better to give up smoking completely than to use the electronic cigarette to stop. This may sound strange from a company that sells the e-cigarette, but at the end of the day, […]

The E Cig Phenomenon

The Charlotte Gore blog has a great post entitlled the E-Cig phenomenon. In the post she argues that e-cigarettes are likely to be banned for three reasons: they are against the entranched interests of the tobacco companies they will cause a loss of revenue for the government, which makes a fortune from the sin tax […]

Electronic Cigarettes: The Future of Smoking?

Man started to commuicate with grunts, then words, then cave paintings. Writing evolved, first hammered into rocks or carved into wood, then etched onto papyrus and paper. Monks painstakingly copied bibles, before the hand written word gave way to printed matter. Then communication spread via telegraph, morse code, telephone, fax, radio waves, television and now […]

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