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Will Huge EU Tobacco Scandal Affect Electronic Cigarettes?

Breaking news yesterday saw EU Health Commissioner Dahl resign following an investigation by the EU anti-fraud office into an alleged attempt to bribe Dahl over tobacco policy. The allegation was made by Swedish smokeless tobacco company Swedish Match. Snus is illegal in most of the EU despite evidence that it is vastly safer than smoking – and […]

Scientists find major flaws with new e-cig airways passage study

We recently published a blog complaining about the way papers have only been publishing negative news about e-cigarettes. The blog was in response to media stories about a new study which claims e-cigs lead to a restriction in airway passages, published as a press release entitled: Experts warn that e-cigarettes can damage the lungs. While we […]

Is 21 billion pounds in tax revenues the real reason behind negative PR on electronic cigarettes?

Negative Ecig Stories Only, Please There seems to be a rush of ecig stories at the moment. And in the mainstream press they are also negative. Here are some of the positive stories we have covered recently: ECigarettes Do No Damage to the Heart ECigarettes Carry No Risk Of Passive Smoking Two More Studies Prove […]

E Cigarette Activists Accuse Tobacco Control Figure Ellen Hahn of Lies and Intimidation

Image Source: Steve Vape A tobacco harm reduction group along with a leading THR scientist has filed a complaint against tobacco control figure and University of Kentucky (UKY) member Ellen Hahn, accusing the writer of using lies and intimidation to disrupt a legal gathering of vapers. The letter, issued by Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association […]

Smoking Out The Agenda Behind Recent Bad Press

The e-cigarette has had some poor press recently. Poor in both senses of the word as the piece was: badly researched one sided Here`s some of what was said – and why it`s wrong. `Electronic Cigarettes Are Unsafe` But the safety of e-cigarettes is not the point. Almost everything, by definition, is unsafe. Coffee, although […]

UK Vapers Threatened With Legal Action

Updated… The number one UK vapers forum has been taken down today following threatened legal action by an electronic cigarette vendor. The vendor (not us!) previously told UK Vapers: I want no part in your community, neither does my company and to that end i wish no products to be reviewed, talked about in a […]

Anti-Terror Police Target E-Cigarette User

As you have probably heard by now, a UK bus was stopped on the M6 after a person enjoyed their e-cigarette during the journey. Armed police then forced the passengers out onto the road, making them sit on asphalt and forbidding them from talking to one another. Helicopters overhead added to the drama! What Happened […]

Are you up for a Vaper’s meet up?

Are you up for meeting with other British vapers? Joel Inman from UK Vapers is looking to organise a vapemeet and is trying to gauge interest. The vapemeet is for: people who want to meet up with other vapers smokers interested in electronic cigarettes vendors If you’d like to attend, head over the UK vapers […]

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