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How to Use Electronic Cigarettes: Essential Information for New Vapers

How do you use an electronic cigarette? E-cigarettes may have helped millions of people to switch away from tobacco cigarettes, but they don’t work for everyone. And recent research, highlighted in the E-Cigarette Summit, found experienced users get a lot more out of ecigarettes than new users. There’s a key reason for this – and […]

The Ten Funniest Vaping Videos Ever

I’ve been scouring the net for the funniest videos I could find (and added three of mine too!) Here’s the results – if I’ve missed any good ones let me know in the comments! Enjoy 1. Dusty’s Vaping Story 2. Introducing: The New Premier Ultra Double Strength High Quality 1000% Pure Mega 2000 eLiquid 3. […]

Smoker’s Angel Tank Video Tutorial

We’ve had lots of questions about how to use the Smoker’s Halo Super Tank, which takes a little bit more skill than our regular e-cigarette. So, working with Ground Level Media, we have produced the following tutorial! Transcript: Hello, and welcome to this video tutorial on how to use the Halo Super Tank, brought to […]

Don’t be the only vaper in your village…

In the little village of Rhyd-y-Fenni, not far from Swansea, a vaper sits lonely in his local pub… Don’t be the only vaper in your village! Visit and meet up with other smokers and vapers! Other videos: The Electronic Cigarette: Dangerous and Disgusting Electronic Cigarette Warning Video 

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