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Travelling with your ecig? Here's what you need to know
The Ultimate Guide to Travelling With Your Electronic Cigarette

Lucky enough to be travelling abroad soon? Want to take your e-cigarette with you? This handy guide will tell you all you need to know about travelling abroad with your Personal Vaping Device, from essential travel preparations to where you can safely vape. Imagine: You land in Singapore, stroll through the streets enjoying the sights. […]

The Great Electronic Cigarette Free Trial Scam

Free Electronic Cigarette Trials Every few weeks or so we seem to get a spate of people ringing us up demanding to know where their money is. They`ve had an electronic cigarette from someone advertising a free trial – and they`re wondering why their money is suddenly disappearing from their bank account. How the E-Cigarette Free Trial […]

Vegetable Glycerin: What the Health-Conscious Vaper Needs to Know

Paul Bergen, from, examines the safety of vegetable glycerin, an alternative to propylene glycol as the principal ingredient of e-cigarettes. Vegetable Glycirin and Health According to CanadaVapes up to 20% of the e-liquids on the market are vegetable glycerin (VG) based. What is most pertinent for health-conscious vapers is the knowledge that while VG is […]

Anti-smoking ads make some smokers smoke more!

Recently I displayed 37 of the more controversial smoking ads to smokers and ex-smokers. Anti-smoking ads have fascinated me ever since I saw research that suggested cigarette warnings could have a very unwelcome effect – increasing the desire to smoke rather than decreasing it! So I asked smokers and anti-smokers if anti-smoking ads made them […]

How to Vape

How to Vape is a new electronic cigarette website which provides information for those considering switching to the electronic cigarette or have just switched to the device. The site covers all the essentials of how to get started vaping, from how to use an e-cigarette to the vocabulary you need to talk about it.(I can […]

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