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Are ecigs leading to a drop in smoking
Are Electronic Cigarettes Killing Smoking?

A recent study concluded that electronic cigarettes don’t help people quit smoking. There was only one problem with the study. Instead of asking a range of people if ecigarettes had worked for them, they only asked people who had tried to quit smoking and failed. As Professor Peter Hajek pointed out: “The authors concluded that EC […]

Smoking Is Good

Smokers should be considered nationalists, selfless heroes who keep on giving to their country while taking less out than anyone else. That’s because smoking has huge benefits. Unfortunately, most of these benefits go to non-smokers, big business and the government rather than to smokers. 7 Reasons Why Smoking is Good 1. Good for the country… […]

Diabetes and Electronic Cigarettes: Advice From an Expert

I’ve had lots of questions about diabetes and electronic cigarettes, but not being a medical professional I’ve always been reluctant to share my opinions. Fortunately for us, diabetes expert and author Sue Marshall kindly agreed to answer some of our questions. Sue Marshall has had Type 1 diabetes since 1972. Following a career in journalism, she […]

Is Smoking Sexy? Ten Sexiest AND Least Sexiest Smoking Photos Ever To Help You Decide PLUS Three Great Prizes to Win

Update: The survey competition is now closed – check out the results here! After a couple of heavy posts on this blog recently, we’d thought go for a fun, sexy and silly topic. Is smoking still sexy? On the one hand we have people with smoking fetishes, and top models like Kate Moss strutting their […]

Smoking is Good For You: Here’s Why

Smoking cigarettes is good for you. Of course, smoking is also very bad for you. It causes: heart disease lung cancer empyhsemia impotence and lots and lots of statistics But that doesn’t mean to say it’s all bad! What’s Good about Smoking? First, we should say that these benefits are controversial. Many benefits of nicotine […]

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