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Daily Mail Headline on French Vaping Study
Science By Press Release: Is French Study A Cynical Attempt to Smear Electronic Cigarettes?

Unfortunately, I missed the furor which surrounded the recent French study as I was away on holiday. In case you missed it, details from an unpublished French study on electronic cigarettes were sent to the press, leading to articles like: Fortunately, what details have been released has been analysed by people like Dr Konstantinos from […]

Action on Smoking and Health Study Gives Lie To EU Claims That Children Are Using Electronic Cigarettes

Both in the run up to the discussions on whether to ban the ecig, and during the ENVI committee meeting yesterday, there’s been a recurring thread. That electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking.  That electronic cigarette could encourage children to take up smoking.  Indeed, one MEP told us that this was the biggest issue […]

Switching to Electronic Cigarettes Reverses Rare White Blood Cell Condition in Fascinating Case Study

In the lastest of our series of e-cigarette interviews, Paul Bergen interviews Dr Farsalinos about an intriguing case study and a huge new survey of vapers. This interview takes place just prior to the publication of Dr. Farsalinos’ case study of a patient who dramatically improved after switching from smoking to vaping. Later in the […]

Breaking News: E-Cigarette Heart Study Has Positive Results

Image Source Update: Professor Carl Phillips has published a blog post pointing out that this was a small study which examined only one aspect of the effect of e-cigaretts on the heart. He argues that while the results are positive, this does not show that e-cigarettes do not damage the heart any more than the […]

Breaking News: New Vaping Study Finds No Evidence Of “Passive Vaping” in Non-Vapers’ Blood Counts

A new study into the effects of electronic cigarette by a World Health Organisation (WHO) expert found that passive vaping leaves NO effect on the blood of non-vapers. Not only that, it left no effect on smokers who actually used e-cigarettes. In contrast,the study reported that both active and passive smoking lead to an increase […]

Smokers, you are being lied to!

Nicotine cessation aids don’t work! The public health organisations have lied to you. The National Health Service has lied to you. The pharmaceutical companies have lied to you. What’s the lie? That nicotine cessation aids work. Pfizer is currently running a campaign to stop smokers from quitting cold turkey. The NHS gives out big pharm […]

Do e-cigarettes constrict airway passages?

By tobacco harm reduction researcher Paul Bergen of A smoker`s halo user inhales on her e-cigarette. No one knows if e-cigarettes actually do help smokers kick the habit! This statement (my exclamation mark!) arises predictably in many a tobacco control research paper and article. The statement can only be compared to someone watching television […]

Electronic Cigarettes, Nicotine and Lung Cancer

“But it’s still got nicotine in,” say many people when I tell them about the electronic cigarette. It’s a common misconception that nicotine/tobacco causes much of the damage of smoking. (The real problem is combustion.) TobaccoHarmReduction experts estimate that smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes could carry 1% or less of the risk of smoking. And a […]

Electronic Cigarette Survey

Spanish E-Cigarette forum, with assistance from professional doctors, has compiled a survey on the effects of vaping. The study is completely independent and Vapeandro tells us that the results will be sbumitted for analysis and preview in the hope that results may be published. To take the survey click here. Other surveys: You may […]

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