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Former Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Director Reports Daily Mail ECig Story to Press Complaints Commission – And You Can Too!

You may have seen a recent article in the Daily Mail which claimed, without evidence, that electronic cigarettes are worse than tobacco cigarettes. (Steve Vape believes that the article was deliberately designed to drive traffic by making outragous claims. I’m inclined to agree!) The article enraged Clive Bates, former director of Action on Smoking and […]

E-Cigarettes and the Heart: A scientist speaks out

Cardiology researcher Konstantinos Farsalinos is interviewed by researcher Paul Bergen on behalf of the Ashtray Blog on the motivations for his 2012 study in the latest of our series of e-cigarette interviews.  Bio: Dr, Farsalinos has been practicing medicine since 1992. After six years at the Charles University in Prague, he returned to Greece to specialize in […]

FDA Concedes: Electronic Cigarettes Become Tobacco Products in US

I’ve just had a press release sent by Bill Godshall which announces that the FDA have decided not to fight the classification of electronic cigarette as tobacco products in court any longer. In case you have missed the case, the FDA wanted electronic cigarettes classified as drug products (which would mean they would have effectively […]

What have the Pope, Sex and Condoms got to do with ASH, Smoking and Electronic Cigarettes?

First, let’s just say that condoms bear no actual resemblance to electronic cigarettes. I think few people think condoms make sex better (well, maybe the ribbed ones…) whereas a lot of dedicated vapers think e-cigarettes are better than tobacco cigarettes. The comparison comes when we get to harm reduction. The Pope has said that we […]

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