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Dr Polosa Discusses His Latest Quit Smoking Electronic Cigarette Study

Interview by Paul Bergen Dr. Riccardo Polosa graciously agreed to discuss the findings in his latest research on smokers enrolled in a smoking cessation study testing the effectiveness of e-cigarettes (both nicotine and non-nicotine) for quitting smoking. PLB: Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this study is selecting individuals who were not planning […]

Vaping: It’s all about pleasure

By researcher Paul Bergen of tobaccoharmreduction.org What anti-smokers never seem to quite understand is that smoking is a pleasure.  It is not, as some have characterized it, a disease.  And any solutions or alternatives to smoking that are based on the ludicrous idea that people don’t actually enjoy it are bound to have dismal success […]

Are you smarter when you vape???

Does vaping make your smarter? Take our survey and win a free e-cigarette kit! We already know that smoking helps with stress, and vaping seems to have the same effect. (You should see how furiously our MD, Jean, puffs away at her e-cig when stressed, normally while bashing away at the keyboard as if it […]

Why quitting cigarettes might not always be a good thing

Okay, really we mean quitting nicotine. But let’s back up a bit. I ran across a couple of interesting comments in relation to quitting yesterday. First a lady from Spain rang for a bit of advice on electronic cigarettes. She had actually tried quitting smoking cold turkey, cutting down from 40 a day to zero. […]

The Nicotine Monolopy Game

This is an email from Kate at Vapers Network which she kindly said we could share: Hi Vapers, Nicotine Users and Friends Plans to hand all nicotine sales rights to pharmaceutical companies are moving along. There are now proposals from the EU and WHO to bring nicotine under tobacco control regulations where it hasn’t been […]

Absurd Arguments

There’s an interesting post from the Tobacco Harm Reduction blog which points out the absurdity on banning something because it won’t be used. (See It’s more about options given than options taken.) The post follows an argument from Stanton Glantz that smokeless tobacco should be banned because it won’t become popular. (Stanton’s the one who […]

Electronic Cigarette War Room

Kate of Vaper’s Forum continues to do good work in the e-cigarette cause – this time setting up a war room for electronic cigarette companies to meet up and discuss the impending UK regulation. (If this is the first you have heard of this, the bug pharm funded MHRA has admitted the e-cigarette is a […]

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