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How to explain the science behind electronic cigarettes to MPs and MEPs

Following yesterday’s post, several e-cigarette users have shared replies from MPs and MEPs regarding the EU directive that seeks to effectively ban electronic cigarettes. While some of have promised to oppose the directive, others have asked for more information. In this post, I’m hoping to provide a summary of the science behind vaping without using […]

Vegetable Glycerin: What the Health-Conscious Vaper Needs to Know

Paul Bergen, from tobaccoharmreduction.org, examines the safety of vegetable glycerin, an alternative to propylene glycol as the principal ingredient of e-cigarettes. Vegetable Glycirin and Health According to CanadaVapes up to 20% of the e-liquids on the market are vegetable glycerin (VG) based. What is most pertinent for health-conscious vapers is the knowledge that while VG is […]

Italian Non-Smoking Association Positive About Electronic Cigarettes

(This post has been updated following clarification from Riccardo – see bottom of post.) Hard on the heels of the UK government`s enthusiastic comments on electronic cigarettes, the Italian Non-Smoking Association (Lega Italiano Anti Fumo (LIAF)) is close to announcing positive results from their own research. Professor Riccardo Polosa, Scientific advisor of LIAF and a Professor of […]

Propylene Glycol: What the Health-Conscious Vaper Needs to Know

Paul Bergen, from tobaccoharmreduction.org, summarises the current research into propylene glycol, one of the principal ingredients of the e-juice in most electronic cigarettes. When it comes to recreational nicotine delivery, other than one notable exception, almost every component has been considered suspect.  Propylene glycol (PG), the liquid which when heated in electronic cigarettes gives rise […]

Are you smarter when you vape???

Does vaping make your smarter? Take our survey and win a free e-cigarette kit! We already know that smoking helps with stress, and vaping seems to have the same effect. (You should see how furiously our MD, Jean, puffs away at her e-cig when stressed, normally while bashing away at the keyboard as if it […]

Is the electronic cigarette toxic?

This was a question we had from a customer, who was concerned about the toxic labels on e-cigarette refills. It was a good question so I have reposted my answer here. I think perhaps the best thing way to answer your question is if I point you towards the interviews we have done with scientists. […]

Tired Electronic Cigarette Data from the Annals

I find a recent opinion piece published in the Annals really very boring. It is based on old research and studies and every aspect has been analysed, discussed and argued over numerous times before. Still, it presents itself as being based on new research and as such warrants a response. Note: Although one has to […]

Electronic Cigarette Survey

Spanish E-Cigarette forum Vapeandro.com, with assistance from professional doctors, has compiled a survey on the effects of vaping. The study is completely independent and Vapeandro tells us that the results will be sbumitted for analysis and preview in the hope that results may be published. To take the survey click here. Other surveys: You may […]

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