Tools and Resources for Your Blog or Website
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Professor with calculator.

Please feel free to use the results of my mad genius!

Amazing tools to help you keep your web visitors coming back for more!

New! Interactive World Vaping Map: Embed this map onto your site to allow your readers to quickly check where they can safely vape around the world.

New! Are Electronic Cigarettes a Gateway to Smoking (Infographic): An embeddable infographic that illustrates the current evidence that ecigarettes are acting as an exit from, not to, tobacco smoking.

New! How An EU Ban Could Send One Million People Back To Smoking (Infographic): This embeddable infographic highlights the consequences of an EU ban on ecigarettes.

Embeddable Electronic Cigarette Calculator: Work out your annual and lifetime savings with our electronic cigarette. Easy to use – easy to embed!

Embeddable Quit Smoking Calculator: Calculate potential lifetime savings from quitting smoking. (Please note, however, that the e-cigarette is not a smoking cessation aid.)

Movies: Our movies may be shocking, but they have also generated hundreds of thousands of views – and many can be embedded in your site.

Graphs and Images Licensed for Reuse: Images from our 2009 research, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution.

Interviews – some licensed for re-use: Our interviews have been widely used across the net, and translated into several different languages. Some are marked for re-use, if they are not let us know what you want to use it for and we may well grant you permission.

E-Guide to Refillable Electronic Cigarettes and our e-book The Electronic Cigarette: Sign up to our newsletter to grab your copy – and distribute it to your readers! (Please do not edit without permission.)

If you want to use images not currently licensed for reuse, please let us know. If  we are able to give permission, we can usually do so in return for attribution.

Image above by Aney

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  1. gillian November 18, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

    When are there ever going to be any changeable wick automisers for the Super Tank. I have been looking for then on site for the past 3 months and they are not even listed. I have spent all that money on the wicks and nothing to put them in.

    Please bring them back they are the best.



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