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Jean Rasbridge

Jean: Managing Director and Co-Founder

A smoker for twenty years (you can read about her struggles to give up on our blog), it was Jean who recognised the potential of the electronic cigarette - long before the device achieved its current popularity. After horrible experiences with nicotine patches, when her arms became inflamed, she loved the thought of an alternative smoking product which looked and felt like an cigarette - but without the same awful tobacco properties.

You can see Jean on our movie Electronic Cigarette Research Report.

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James DunworthJames: IT/Online Marketing Director, and Co-Founder

Our IT director, James is responsible for the website, blog and for the shopping cart. He made the original version of ECigaretteDirect, and has also made most of our movies about the e-cigarette - from a take off of an anti-smoker to enjoying a beer with an electronic cigarette.

You can see James on our movie The Mini Cigarette.

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Michael RasbridgeMike: Customer Relations Manager

Mike started his career as a Welsh Farmer - and an engineer! Life revolved around managing his South Wales farm with his brother and keeping the machines going at a factory. Moving on from this, Mike has had his own company selling specialised mobility equipment, and also had a loft conversion company. His technical background makes him ideal for explaining how the e-cigarette works (which is why we will probably put him on the phone to you if you ring us with a question we can’t answer!), and his patience is a valuable asset to our busy company.


SiskaSiska: Distribution Manager

Trained as a lawyer, Siska has an eye to detail that makes her ideal in her role in charge of stock and distribution. Unlike most of the staff, though, Siska is not an ex-smoker - she did smoke once, but the cigarette made her cough so much she stopped immediately.

Jo: Customer Services Manager

JJoo is one of the loveliest and sweetest people we know, and will go to great lengths to achieve customer satisfaction. Her only fault is that sometimes she is too nice! You won't find here at lunchtime, when she pops home to take her lab Cookie out for a walk.


JohnJohn is a keen vaper (although he still has an occassional sneaky rollie) and is always the first to try new flavours and products when they come in! In his spare time John breeds Welsh ponies.


DanWhen Dan is not rocking Swansea with his pop-punk band, he takes some time out to pack electronic cigarette kits and refills. He tells us he is interested in fashion, although he keeps coming into work with jeans with holes in! Hopefully, he'll be able to afford some proper clothes after his next pay cheque!



Jean and Mike on the stage of the Welsh National Opera.
Mike and Jean on the stage with Opera singer Fiona Harrison, after supplying the Welsh National Opera with the electronic cigarette for the performance of Carmen, an opera about a cigarette factory.


Our number one priority:

Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority - and a priority which is far more important than marketing. We believe that when you are happy with our service, our business will grow naturally through your recommendations.


Enjoy the quality alternative!

The Smoker's Halo is the leading brand of electronic cigarette today. That means:

  • ROHS, CEE and wiiii approved products
  • electronic cigarette industry trade industry association (ECITA) approval, and in possession of the ECITA standard of excellence
  • a warranty on all Smoker's HALO products (one year on regular kits and batteries)

About the Company

ECigaretteDirect.co.uk have been supplying the electronic cigarette to customers since 2008. In that time we have shipped to the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada and much of Europe. We are a small company, which means that:

  • we have time for you.
  • when you have problems, you don't get automated replies with your name inserted by a computer programme into an email - you get the personal attention you need.
  • unlike some other companies, both large and small, it is easy to get in contact with us: you can either telephone Jean on 01792 391223 or email us on [email protected] and we will give our immediate attention to any query.

ECigaretteDirect.co.uk is a member of ECITA, the electronic cigarette association. View our certificate of excellence!

ECigaretteDirect.co.uk is also a LivingWage Employer. 

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