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The Mini-Cigarette - a electronic cigarette that can be used as an aid for quitting smoking.

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Ash's Attack on E Cigarette Direct and Our Response

Letter to The Peninsula Qatar: Media Reporting that Costs Lives

Summary of FDA Analysis Shows Electronic Cigarettes Safer than Real Cigarettes

Smoking: Don't Worry - The FDA Says it is Okay

Articles and Resources Providing Information on the Electronic Cigarette

Are Cowboy Suppliers Damaging the E-Cigarette Industry? Cowboy suppliers using unethical sales techniques and misleading claims may be damaging the case of the electronic cigarette industry.

Sex, Smoking and the Electronic Cigarette: What effect does smoking have on sex? What can we do about it, besides giving up? And can the e-cigarette improve a smoker's sex life?

Are Electronic Cigarettes the Biggest Investment Opportunity of the Century? Electronic cigarettes have the ability to make significient inroads into both the three billion dollar nicotine cessation aid industry and the four hundred billion dollar tobacco industry. So why aren't investors flocking towards the new product?

The Electronic Cigarette Glossary: E-Smokers are fast developing their own language and vovabulary. Keep up with the slang with our ECigarette Glossary.

Electronic Cigarette Directory: A list of useful sites that provide information about the e-cigarette or the opportunity to discuss it.

In Defence of the Electronic Cigarette: We defend a product under attack from health campaigners who take a quit or die approach to smoking.

Electronic Cigarette Association - Address from Matt Salmon, chairmain of the electronic cigarette association.


An Open Letter to Obama: We write to Obama in protest at the Tobacco Bill in America.

Comment on Letter by Proffessor Brad Rodu: Tobacco Free Kids will kill millions says proffessor.

An Open Letter to Tobacco Free Kids: We call on Tobacco Free Kids not to be taken by Big Tobacco.

Oppose the Tobacco Bill - Bill Godshall urges e-smokers to contact committee members urging them to oppose/amend the tobacco bill.

Nitzkin Letter to the FDA: Dr Joel Nitzkin writes to the FDA laying out the benefits of the alternative tobacco products including the electronic cigarette and urging a change of stance on the product.

Leaked FDA Email: FDA plans to clamp down on suppliers, including one supplier currently in the process of suing the FDA, and launch a media campaign against the electronic cigarette are revealed in this leaked email.

Smokefree Letter to the FDA: Smoke Free replies to the leaked email by the FDA laying out action to be taken against electronic cigarette suppliers.

Letter to Lautenburg: The full text of a fax in which a senior doctor and chair of the Tobacco Control Group writes to Senator Lautenburg demanding that the senator withdraw his proposal that the FDA ban the electronic cigarette.

Smoke-Free letter: A letter from Smokefree to the US House of representatives.

Nitzkin Email: An email from Dr Joel Nitzkin explaining the ramifications of the new American tobacco legislation.

Kennedy - Please Don't Sentence Smokers to Death: Our fax to Senator Kennedy.

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