How long do batteries last?


How long do batteries last between charges?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to give accurate advice on how long batteries last. That's because battery life depends on a number of factors, including how long a drag you take. 

That said, here is a very rough guide to how long you can expect our different batteries to last between charges:

Smoker’s Halo Automatic Battery (Regular): 120-150 drags
Smoker’s Halo Automatic Battery (King Size): 180 - 225 drags
Ultra Tank Battery 300 mAh: 300 puffs
Ultra Tank Battery 650 mAh: 500 puffs
Ultra Tank Battery 1100 mAh: 900 puffs
Smok VV Battery 1300 mAh: 800-1000 puffs depending on the voltage used

How long do batteries last?

The average battery life of the Smoker's Halo battery is around 300 cycles. 

This can vary substantially. There are a number of factors that can affect battery life including maintenance, handling, temperatures, amount the battery is discharged by and so on.

All our batteries come with a warranty (one year for regular Smoker's Halo batteries, 3 months for tank batteries.) If you have any problems in this time, just send us an email at [email protected] or call us on 01792 852843 and we'll arrange a prompt replacement! 

To view our batteries click here: E-Cig Batteries. For more information on batteries, see The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Electronic Cigarette Batteries

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