Can I quit with the electronic cigarette?


Q. Can it help smokers quit?

The electronic cigarette is not a licensed nicotine cessation aid.

Furthermore, there have been no long term studies to see if the electronic cigarette can help smokers quit. What there has been is research in New Zealand which has shown that the electronic cigarette can both help increase the level of nicotine in smokers' blood and reduce cravings.

There is also speculation that the placebo effect of having a device to put hold and suck has a placebo effect. There has been research that suggests the nicotine aspect of addiction is overstated, possibly because of financial interests involved in the research, and the habit part underestimated.

However, the real test of a cessation aid is whether it can help you to quit over the long term, and there's been no long term tests to suggest this. The electronic cigarette, therefore, remains an alternative to cigarettes which means you can smoke anywhere, save money and smell good.

NOTE: When the long term nature of smoking cessation is taken into account, existing nicotine cessation aids have a terrible success rate, usually at around 5% when measured at a year, although one study found it as low as 0.8%.

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