How much do electronic cigarettes weigh?

Q. What weight are your e-cigarettes?

The smoker's halo electronic cigarette.

E-cigarettes do weigh a little more than regular cigarettes - but you'll be surprised how quickly you get used to the difference! In fact, we find that many customers eventually end up upgrading to a heavier model. 

The exact weights for HALO ecigs are as follows:

  • Standard battery with standard refill: 16 grammes
  • Standard battery with high capacity refill: 17 grammes
  • Long battery with standard refill: 18 grammes
  • Long battery with high capacity refill: 19 grammes

Tank systems such as the Smoker's Halo Ultra Tank vary considerably depending on the exact models you are using. However, the following specs for unfilled tank clearomisers and batteries will give you some idea of the weight. 

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