NJOY v. Halo

Q. What's the difference between the smoker's HALO and the NJOY e-cigarette?

The NJOY e-cigarette is manufactured under license in China by an American company. Whilst the newer Halo is fast growing in popularity, the NJOY has great brand recognition, and many of our older customers like to buy a product they are familiar with.

The HALO, also a 2-part electronic cigarette with no messy refilling or fragile atomisers needed, is a newer e-cigarette which is manufactured to our own specifications. Because there is no middle man we are able to charge lower prices. The HALO also has an improved cartomiser design, with steel instead of a plastic, which prevents overheating or accidental breakage in the pocket or in transit.


When you come to buying refills, you also have the option of buying HALO high capacity refills. Only £1 more than NJOY refills, these last twice as long and have a dual core atomiser [link] which gives a superior user experience. We have many repeat orders for this new latest technology cartomiser.

Which do you use?

We vape the HALO :)

What if I buy the wrong one?

Don't worry - HALO cartridges fit NJOY batteries, and vice versa!

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