How long are your electronic cigarettes?

What is the difference in length between the different e-cigarettes?

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A last a simple question :)

The Smoker's Halo e-cigarette is 4 inches in length. That's 10.2 centimetres. For comparison, a regular sized marlbrough is 8.5 centimetres.

With the larger high capacity refills, the e-ciagarette is just under 4 and a half centimetres long, or just over 11 centimetres. Despite the extra length, it is well worth getting the high capacity cartridges for their extra life and the improved vapour and flavour which comes with a dual coil atomiser.

The Smoker's Halo tank, on the other hand, is just 5.7 inches long with the smaller battery, or 15.7 centimetres. With the longer battery it is 6 inches or 15.2 centimetres long.

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