James Dunworth

Director and Co-Founder of ECigaretteDirect

James Dunworth

At the age of 21 James left the UK to spend over nine years travelling and working abroad, spending years at a time in countries like Indonesia and Qatar. While in Qatar he worked he set up and ran the tourist and residents' website Qatar Visitor, learning valuable experience about websites which he later put to work for Gower Enteprises, the holding company for E Cigarette Direct, The Smokers Angel and The Disabled Shop.

While working for ECigaretteDirect.co.uk, James carried out a series of articles and studies with scientists which have since  been translated and published in at least three different languages. You can read the interviews here. He also carried out research into the effects of e-cigarettes on users in association with the tobaccoharmreduction.org site.

James also runs The Ashtray Blog for ECigaretteDirect, is co-author of ECigarettes: What the Experts Say, writes a column for Vapour Magazine and has been interviewed by Sky News, BBC News, The Jeremy Vine show and many other media outlets on electronic cigarettes.  

James is married and has two children. 

Below James discusses ecigarettes with Sky News. 

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