How much money can I save with the electronic cigarette?

Q. How much money could I save by switching to e cigarettes?


A lot!

The following estimates are based on the HALO (which has the most cost effective cartridges) for a UK resident.

If you are a UK smoker going through 20 cigarettes day you will save more than £1500 pounds a year. A 40 a day smoker will save more than £3000 a year, a 60 a day smoker should save over £6,000.

That's based on £5.00 a pack of 20 - those paying more will save more!


Customer Survey

Here's what some of our customers said when we conducted a survey on money savings on our blog:

I’ll spend £44.95 per month on Vaping compared to £143.00 per month on conventional cigarettes. That would be a saving of £1,176.60 per year!!
4/12/11 6:05AM

less than £27 a month, I save nearly £2000 pounds annually
4/12/11 2:27AM

A cartridge usually lasts two days so that would equal two packs of cigarettes; that equals out to about £12 for cigarettes verse around £2 per cartridge!
4/11/11 8:32PM

about 1 pkt = £9 per week or £468 per year. cigarettes approx £2800 saving at least £2300
3/24/11 4:00AM

vaping would work out at approx £10 to £12 per week, based on the Cigarettes i smoked that would work out at around £3,600 per year – vaping would work out to £600 per year ( not including extra batteries etc ) therefore a saving of approx £3000.
3/23/11 8:31PM

When you are lying on a beach in the Caribbean enjoying a holiday on money formerly spent subsidising non-smoker's UK taxes, send us a postcard :)



Work out how much you could save with our calculator:



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