What strength cartridges/eliquid should I use?

Q. What strength should the cartridges/eliquid I buy be?

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A. The best way to find the best nicotine strength for you use by trial and error. However, as a rule as thumb we recommend using a a cartridge/ejuice which is one strength above what you smoke. So if your cigarette says 1.2 mg, try using our high strength cartridge (1.8 mg).

Here are all the strengths we currently sell:

Ultra High (3.6 mg - one flavour only)
Very High (2.4mg)
High (1.8mg)
Medium (1.2 mg)
Low (0.6 mg)
Zero (0 mg) 

If you are buying a complete starter kit you will find a selection of different strength cartridges. We recommend trying the different strengths and seeing which is best for you. 

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