Where can I use the electronic cigarette?

Q. Where can I use this?

A. Ecigs can legally be used in pubs, workplaces and in public places.

Unfortunately, some places have excised their right not to allow ecigarettes. If you are not sure, ask before vaping.  

There may also be times  when you need to explain that you are not using a real cigarette. 

(One gentleman told us he did this by grinding the electronic cigarette out in his eye, but we believe that there are more gentle ways to show people it is not a real cigarette!) 

Here are stories from two users (you'll find more on our customer page!)

Suzie wrote to us, saying:

I was recently in the hospital for another leg bypass.
I took my electronic electronic cigarette along.
I was allowed to smoke it anywhere, once the nurses and doctors saw the battery and I explained the process they were amazed!!
I told them it was called the ecigarette, many wanted to know where to purchase it.
My surgeon said he had one other patient who used an electronic cigarette and loved it.
I am 3 weeks post op and apparently called a friend from the hospital which I do NOT remember at all due to the pain meds but I told her I was smoking my ecig and that no one said a word…..ROFL!!
Bless you ALL and I hope I am finding you all well and in good health.

Another customer, William, also had a hospital story for us:

Hi Jean and friends,

Very happy with the E Fags!!! I have been injured and in hospital for a while. I have a testimonial for you! Try being in a hospital bed, smoking your E Cig when the Ward Dragon turns up, wait until she sees you and then hide the fag under the blankets. The reaction is fantastic. Love those E Fags!!!

Take Care


However you use it, be sure to let us know!

Please note that while these are legal to use in public places, some places may have taken a decision not to allow their use on their property. Most airlines do not allow their use at present. 

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