Halo Tank-1 KitHalo Tank-1 Kit
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Halo Tank-1 Kit

The Halo Tank-1 Kit features a powerful battery and makes a great introduction to refillable electronic cigarettes. Includes 10ml of Halo UK made e-liquid.

  • Includes 1 Bottle Of Halo UK made e-liquid
  • Powerful and long lasting
  • 1 x 1100mah tank battery
  • 1 x refillable CE5 disposable clearomiser

Great for beginners: The Halo Tank-1 kit is a stripped down version of our popular Ultra Tank and is perfect for people who want to try out the tank system without the full kit.

Powerful: It comes with the same powerful, long lasting battery as our Ultra Tank system, a charger and eliquid - everything you need to get started.

Ease of use: The Tank-1 comes with our tried and tested easy to fill CE5 clearomiser.

Enjoy a huge range of e-liquid flavours: Compatible with a wide range of refillable clearomisers and Halo UK e-liquid flavours.

Yearly savings of up to £2,000 - (For a 20 a day smoker spending £6.00 a day on cigarettes).

You also get our friendly after sales support and service by phone, email or on Facebook.

Make the switch now, give up tar, tobacco but continue to enjoy your nicotine without the cost or smell, order yours now.

IMPORTANT: The battery in this kit can be charged using a computer or the 3 pin plug available here. The battery should not be charged with other USB plug adapters.

Customer Reviews

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Battery Update
"Battery lasts for about 2.5 days on constant vaping. I'd suggest charge approx. 5hrs for even even better performance.

Note: Just tried other e-liquid with lower amount of nicotine - vapor and throat hit slightly differs depending on e-liq strength, but overall performance is excellent.

Truly a delight of a product and definitely worth the investment."
Review by Steph
A real deal!
"Just finished charging the battery after getting it in my mail. One of a kind! I took three drags and I feel dizzy. An advanced level of vaping. I have used eGos and disposables. This is nothing like that. A lot of words to say, I just can't put them right now - still feel dizzy (haha). This is a must buy!

E-juice: 36mg - very strong. It's so strong you can barely feel the nicotine flavor. Next time, I'm going with less.

Packaging is very neatly thought too!

Battery life: to be updated."
Review by Steph
Love it!!
First ecig. and I definetely love it! Easy to use, right size, simple!!!
Review by Imants
TERRIFIC!!! Can not rate this highly enough!!
"Been a commited smoker since the age of 16, had my first smoke, in defiance, got hooked and regreted it ever since!! This product is very simple to use, and as a newly converted vaper, I am happy to say that, due to this product, I am a non smoker!!!! Wonderfull choice of flavours, in the e.liquid. I used to smoke cannibis, just for the flavour. I dont have to anymore cos Ive treated myself to the hemp flavoured e.liquid. Im waitingipation for my next delivery in great anticipation, as Ive gone for the special offer of buying six bottles of e.liquid, and I get some extra liquid!!! BONUS!!!

Happy vaping, Its the healthiest cleanest way to give up tobacco, without the pain!!! Three weeks now!!!!!"
Review by Stephanie
Great Alternative to Cigarettes
An excellent alternative to using cancer sticks. This product makes it possible to still enjoy the ritual of smoking and satisfaction of nicotine.
Review by AlB
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