How We Produce Eliquid

At ECigaretteDirect, The Smoker's Angel, we aim to produce the highest possible quality eliquid by focussing on:

  • high quality ingredients
  • in-house and external testing
  • steeping 
  • taste

We thought you might like to know more about the process, so here's an overview! 


Mixing the Eliquid

The magnetic stirrer creates a vortex in the eliquid.

Above: The magnetic stirrer creates a vortex in the eliquid, ensuring an even distribution of flavours. 

To mix up the eliquid, we use a base of 70% propylene glycol (pg) and 20% vegetable glycerine (vg), with the remaining balance composed of nicotine and de-ionised water. We then add food grade flavourings, which brings the proportion to roughly 60% pg/17% vg.

We only use pharmaceutical grade nicotine, sourced from a top UK supplier. Pharmaceutical grade nicotine is guaranteed to be 99.9%+ pure, meaning it is free from tobacco contaminants.



After mixing, and prior to bottling, our eliquid is matured to fully allow the flavours to distribute throughout the eliquid.

During this process, we use a magnetic stirrer to create a magnetic field beneath the eliquid batch bottle, which in turn rotates an embedded blade in the eliquid. This creates a vortex within the container, ensuring an even distribution of flavour throughout the eliquid.

The E Liquid is also exposed to oxygen, in a process called breathing, which further improves the flavour. A final, intensive blending session occurs just before bottling.



Gwyn tests eliquid in our in-house laboratory.
Above: Testing eliquid using acid titration techniques. 

Prior to mixing, our pharmacologist tests the eliquid base using acid titration techniques. After mixing, batches are sent off to a UK government laboratory, which tests for nicotine strength accuracy and also for known contaminants such as Diethlene Glycol (dg). You can see an example certificate provided by the laboratory here.

Samples are also sent off to the UK Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECITA) for additional testing.

Getting the Flavours Right

The mixology team test new flavours.

Above: Our factory team take advantage of the sunny weather to do taste testing outside. 

The favourite part of our week is Friday afternoons, or R&D afternoons as we call them at The Smoker’s Angel factory.

That’s when we work on the latest new flavours for you to enjoy.

The start of the process involves our mixology team sitting down with a selection of flavours. Each one is tested and rated out of 10. When we’ve finished we compare scores, select the best tasting flavours and discuss how they could be improved.

When we find a winning flavour, we work with our flavour houses to make changes to the flavours. It can take several attempts before we get the flavour just right. Once we do have it right, we mix it with our propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin base, steep it for a week and then test again. At this stage we also circulate the flavour more widely in the company and among select reviewers, gathering feedback.

Meanwhile, our in-house pharmacologist checks each and every ingredient in the flavouring to make sure there are none that are known lung irritants or potentially toxic.

Finally, we produce a limited edition flavour, which you can identify by its white caps. These are tested with customers in our shops and occasionally with reviewers. Only when we are 100% confident that a flavour meets out high standards do we list it on our sites and send it out to resellers.

Flavour development doesn’t stop there, though. We monitor your feedback and suggestions, and are always looking for ways to further improve existing flavours.


Help Us Improve

Eliquid bottles ready to be shipped.

Above:  The finished product, ready to be shipped! 

We'd love to hear your feedback, which helps us to continually improve our process and flavours!

Please send your comments/suggestions on our flavours to [email protected]


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