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What you get:

  • the Electronic Cigarette!
  • a spare battery - meaning that you will never be without your e-cigarette
  • a power lead
  • a charger
  • a selection of six cartridges
  • a bonus pack of 5 cartridges

Watch a short movie overview of what you get in your Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.

Electronic Cigarette Information

How it works

The E-Cigarette is a electronic device containing a small amount of nicotine in a soluble base. When the smoker inhales, an electronic sensor is activated which activates a heating element. This in turn vaporises the nicotine in a small mist, which resembls smoke.

Legal Status and Promotion

At present the Electronic Cigarette is legal to smoke in the UK, and can also be smoked in bars and offices. It is also being promoted by organisations such as the Tobacco Harm Reduction project as a safer way of taking in nicotine.

Controversy and Safety

While there has been some controversy, in recent research on the Electronic Cigarette Health New Zealand stated that the Electronic Cigarette was very safe compared to normal ciagrettes and also safe in absolute terms. However, attacks by some health campaigners, who seem to take a quit or die approach to smoking, means that the future of the electronic cigarette is in doubt.

More Information:

The E-Cigarette: Wikipedia

How it works

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