E Cigarette Movies

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Electronic Cigarette movies produced by ECigarette Direct. You may find there is some overlap with other pages on our site, as this is intended to be a library of all of our movies.

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Product Videos and Support

How to Use Electronic Cigarettes: Essential Need to Know for New Vapers

How to Use the CE5 Clearomiser

How to Change the Atomiser and Wick on an Aspire BDC Clearomiser

How to Fill The Aspire BDC Clearomiser

How to Use the HALO Ultra Tank

The Smoker's Halo ECigarette

The Smoker's Halo Tank-1

The Smoker's Halo Menthol Kit

The Smoker's HALO: Introductory Movie

User Review: First time with a HALO e-cigarette.

An Interview with the National Vapers Club

Switching to the Electronic Cigarette

National Vapers' Club

Anti-Smokers and the E-Cigarette

John Banzhaf

Are the FDA obstructing e-cigarette research?

Advice for Novices

Mainstream Vaping

An Interview With Carl Phillips

Is the Electronic Cigarette Safe

The Electronic Cigarette and the FDA

The Electronic Cigarette and Passive Smoking

The Electronic Cigarette and Health

Electronic Cigarette Side Effects

The Electronic Cigarette and Smoking Cessation


Electronic Cigarette Safety

Old Products

The Mini-Cigarette

The Electronic Cigarette Kit

Product Video - The NJOY Electronic Cigarette: Mike Rasbridge, our engineer, introduces you to and demonstrates the NJOY electronic cigarette.

How to change your E-Cartridges


Electronic Cigarette: The Movie

Shocking Anti-Electronic Cigarette Movie (Humour)

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