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Michael SiegelProfessor Michael Siegel

Michael used to be involved in the anti-smoking lobby, but was forced to leave after urging the organisations not to exagerate anti-smoking claims. He has testifed against tobacco companies and for smoking bans, but also argues that the anti-smoking lobby is damaging it's own cause by making implausible claims (such as the existence of third hand smoke.)

Michael often writes in support of the electronic cigarette on his blog.

Quote: "Inhaling nicotine cannot be nearly as dangerous as inhaling nicotine plus thousands of other chemicals, including more than 40 carcinogens."



Tobacco Analysis Blog


Carl PhillipsProfessor Carl Phillips

Also see Carl Phillips Profile.

Carl Phillips is a former professor at the University of Alberta, and remains involved with the tobacco harm reduction institute as well as the tobacco harm reduction blog Smokles. He was prepared to attend an MHRA meeting on the electronic cigarette to give a scientific perspective but was blocked by attending by the MHRA.

Quote: "The FDA study really didn't find any cancer risk. That study was basically pure propaganda."


Carl Phillips Interview
Carl Phillips on You Tube

Paul BergenPaul Bergen

Paul Bergen writes and researches in the area of tobacco harm reduction, epidemiology and communication. He is also the senior researcher for the TobaccoHarmReduction.org project, which promotes less harmful alternatives to cigarettes, and the Tobacco Harm Reduction News & Opinions blog."

Quote: "There is a pressing need for better alternatives... the best and most effective alternatives in the market right now appear to be smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes"


David Sweanor

Also see: David Sweanor Profile

David SweanorA strong supportor of tobacco harm reduction, David has worked with numerous companies and organisations, including the International Union Against Cancer, World Health Organization, World Bank and the Pan American Health Organization, on the issue of tobacco harm reduction. He has received both international recognition and prestigious prizes for his work.

Quote: "If there is anyone who believes cigarettes are no more hazardous than e-cigarettes I’d recommend a remedial course in basic sciences."


David Sweanor Interview

Murray LaugesonDr Murray Laugesen

Former principal medical officer in the New Zealand department of health, since 1995 Dr Laugesen has focused first on policy and policy advocacy and then research. He was the first scientist to carry out an in-depth analysis of the electronic cigarette, and was involved in research into whether the electronic cigarette could aid cessation.

Quote: "...nicotine is one of the safest of drugs, and is being sold as the alternative to the most dangerous consumer product – the tobacco cigarette."


Adrian PayneDr Adrian Payne

Dr Adrian Payne is the Managing Director of Tobacco Horizons, a Tobacco Harm Reduction Consulting Agency. During a post-doctoral career spanning more than thirty years, he has worked for both tobacco and pharmecutical companies, often in the field of tobacco harm reduction.

Quote: I’m not aware of any evidence of adult non-smokers using either E-cigarettes ...in any number as a gateway to smoking – if there were I’m sure we would have heard of it by now. Bad news travels fast!




Headshot of Spike.Spike

After more than 20 years smoking tobacco cigarettes, Spike switched to electronic cigarette. Now she is President of the National Vapers' Club and an active campaigner for the electronic cigarette. For more information see Spike's biography.

Quote: [On trying to quit before discover the e-cigarette]: "I tried cold turkey. I tried using lollipops or candies as an oral fixation. I got 14 cavities but I still smoked..."


National Vapers Club
How to Vape

Professor Brad Rodu

Professor Rodu is a a Professor of Medicine at the University of Louisville, and holds an endowed chair in tobacco harm reduction research. He runs the Smokers' Only website, which proposes smokeless tobacco as an alternative to smoking for smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit nicotine, as well as the Tobacco Truth blog, which exposes lies about the tobacco movement.


"There is no public health justification for denying smokers information about and access to safer sources of tobacco and nicotine. But the war against tobacco, conducted by Tobacco Free Kids and their allies, is not about public health. It has become the latest in a long line of misguided American moral crusades." (See a letter to E Cigarette Direct in links below.)


Smokers Only
Tobacco Truth
Letter to ECigaretteDirect

Dr Elizabeth Whelan

Elizabeth Whelan is the President of the American Council on Science and Health. In August 2009 she launched a scathing attack on the FDA, accusing it manipulating results of an analysis of the electronic cigarette.

Quote: "In making its distorted, incomplete and misleading statement [on the electronic cigarette], FDA was violating its long-cherished tradition of sticking to sound science as the basis for its policies. And in doing so, it is putting the lives and health of millions of Americans at risk. " (Source: Washtington Times - see link below.)


FDA smokescreen on e-cigarettes (Washington Times Article)
American Council on Science and Health

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