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According to some criticism of the electronic cigarette little or no research of the electronic cigarette has been carried out. (Some of this criticism originates from bodies ECigaretteDirect invited to participate in research but who ignored our call!)

This is not in fact the case, with several analyses being carried out and more in the the process of being carried out. ECD is in the process of collating this research and summarising this research, with links to the complete and original research documents where possible.

How Electronic Cigarettes Affect Your Lungs: Results of An Online Survey

We surveyed more than 1000 vapers to find out how switching electronic cigarettes affected their ability to exercise and do strenous jobs, smoker's cough and lung capacity. Click here for a summary of the results. 

Why Electronic Cigarettes Work

A summary of the study: Barbeau, Burda & Siegel (2013) Perceived efficacy of e-cigarettes versus nicotine replacement therapy among successful e-cigarette users: a qualitative approach

Farsalinos 2012 E Cigarette Pose no Risk to Heart

A Greek study finds that e-cigarettes have no effect on cardiac function. 

Flouris, A.D., et al. 2012 Acute effects of electronic and tobacco cigarette smoking on complete blood count.

New research finds no evidence of passive vaping, and that direct vaping has no effect on blood markers. Click here to read. Also see Two new studies find no evidence of passive vaping

Pollosa, Ricardo, 2011: The effect of electronic cigarettes in helping cigarettes smokers to reduce or eliminate tobacco

Professor Pollosa's pilot study into the effects of e-cigarettes on reducing tobacco use. Also see our Interview with Professor Pollosa.

Proylene Glycol and Vegetably Glycerine

Researcher Paul Bergen summarises the research into propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, two of the principal ingredients of electronic cigarette, with links to more detailed studies.

Nicotine and Intelligence: Vapers are smarter (or at least they think they are)

Electronic cigarette users shared their thoughts on whether vaping could affect their intelligence. Based on a survey: Are you smarter when you vape?

Electronic Cigarette Charts and Graphs (licensed under Creative Commons)

Charts and graphs based on electronic cigarette research which have been licensed for re-use (with attribution).

Cahn and Siegel, 2010: Electronic Cigarettes are "undoubtedly" safer than tobacco cigarettes

Siegel and Cahn reviewed over 26 different studies into the electronic cigarette, concluding that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco cigarettes and may well prove to be more effective than tobacco cigarettes. Also see our video summary and blog post on the same research.

The Importance of Smoking Stimuli

Smoking Stimuli Research: Traditionally smoking cessation products have focussed on replacing the nicotine smokers are addicted to. This research suggests reasons as to why this treatment is so ineffective, and why e-cigarettes have proved to be such a popular replacement for cigarettes.

Survey: How would users respond to a ban?

We asked 150 e-cigarette users what they would do in the event of a ban. Check out the results: Electronic Cigarette Ban Survey.

A Response to the MHRA

MHRA Response: E Cigarette Direct published response to MHRA proposals to regulate the electronic cigarette as a medicine.


LACORS Electronic Cigarette Nicotine Testing: We evaluate the testing done by LACORS into the nicotine content of the electronic cigarette. Also see our blog post on the same subject.

Electronic Cigarette Survey

ETTER Survey: A survey of electronic cigarette users is broadly positive despite some inaccuracies.

Public Attitudes Towards the E-Cigarette & Anti-Smoking Claims

Attitudes Towards Smoking Survey: We quizzed over 250 non-smokers, smokers and electronic cigarette users on their attitudes towards anti-smoking claims.

Nicotine Delivery

Nicotine Delivery Study: A summary of Dr. Thomas Eissenburg's research into the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette at delivering nicotine.

NJOY Research

NJOY Independent Lab Tests

NJOY Tests: A background as to why the tests took place, and the results of the tests. Links to the full tests results.

E Cigarette Direct Research

Electronic Cigarettes as a Potential Harm Reduction Product (produced in conjunction with the TobaccoHarmReduction.org project at the University of Alberta.

Press Release


Working Paper: E Cigarettes as a Harm Reduction Project

Other Research

Summary of Health New Zealand Research

Summary of Research into the effect of the Electronic Cigarette on Nicotine Cravings

Summary and Analysis of FDA Commissioned Research into Njoy and Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette Cartidges

45% of Smokers Quit With E Cigarette says Nicotine Cessation Study (blog post)

Comments by E-Cigarette Users made during E Cigarette Direct anonymous survey:

Electronic Cigarette Survey: If you are an e-cigarette user interested in helping research, considering submitting your email address for use in future surveys.

Also see:

Electronic Cigarette Interviews: A collection of interviews with prominent doctors, professors, researchers and campaigners with an interest in tobacco harm reduction.

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