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The following charts are from a survey we carried out in 2009, which was analysed by the website (at the time part of the University of Alberta). We've turned the data into chart form to make it more accessible, and also licensed them for re-use with attribution.

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Average Age of Vapers
Quit Attempts Before Switching
How people use e-cigarettes (in addition, with or as a replacement to regular cigarettes)
Electronic Cigarettes and Health
Smoking Before Vaping

Additional Charts

Response of Smokers and Ex-Smokers to Anti-Smoking Ads


Average age of electronic cigarette users in chart form.These charts are licenced for your user under Creative Commons Attribution licence. i.e. You are free to use them so long as you attribute the image to us. If you use the image online, please attribute the image to us with a live link. To start viewing the charts please click on the links above.


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