An Interview with Spike: Part 6 Advice for Novices

Background: We asked Spike Babaian for advice for novices - but it turned out she had already made a movie of her own!

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ECD: What main piece of advice would you give a novice who is considering trying an electronic cigarette?

Spike: I had made a video back in about March or April of 2009 that’s about 55 minutes but it answers nearly every question that a novice vaper would have or someone who want to try the product would have.

I’ve actually given e-cigarettes to people without this video and I have given e-cigarettes to people with a DVD copy of this video and I found that the percentage grading of people who are successful using the e-cigarette with an informational DVD that teaches them how to use it and how it works and all the different pieces and what everything is called makes a huge impact on people’s ability to successfully switch from smoking cigarette to using an e-cigarette

ECD: Maybe you can give me the link later and I’ll link it from the interview.

Spike: Absolutely.

Watch Spike's movie on Vidaeo

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