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Prominent Vaper Slams FDA in E Cigarette Interview

In a wide ranging interview on the electronic cigarette earlier this week the President of the American National Vaper’s Club, Spike Babaian, accused the FDA of putting to a halt vaper funded research into the electronic cigarette.

The FDA had stopped two institutions from carrying out research into the electronic cigarette, insisting that the electronic cigarette be recognised as a drug delivery device - a definition which the Vaper’s Club oppose.

The FDA maintains that it has authority over the electronic cigarette as a drug delivery device, but this authority was thrown out in court with a top American Judge criticising the FDA for exaggerating risks to public health and attempting to extend its own authority into new areas.

The FDA is now appealing the judgement in a court case which could determine whether the electronic cigarette, an alternative to the tobacco cigarettes which kill over 400,000 Americans and 100,000 Brits every year, continue to be used.

When asked why the FDA would oppose the research Spike was unsure, but suggested that it might be money related, stating:

“If this research were to be done and done and funded through the FDA, they’ve already admitted they would cost millions and millions of dollars. We’re able to do the study, we proceeded with the proposal with a quote of 76,000 and I believe that we can complete this study for less than a hundred thousand dollars...”

The National Vaper's Club is a consumer based assocation of electronic cigarette users (vapers). For more information visit their website, www.VapersClub.com.

Source: An Interview with Spike

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