Scientists and the Anti-Smoking Groups

An interview with Chris Snowdon, author of Velvet Glove Iron Fist,

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ECD: A lot of the scientists we've spoken to in tobacco control are now going against these public health organisations, at least over the electronic cigarette they are disagreeing with them. I mean, Siegel, for quite a while he's been against them but there have been others as well.

Chris: There have been others, but I mean someone like Mike Siegel is a bit of a fish out of water himself as I think he would be the first to admit. It takes a lot of courage to break ranks and you risk professional vilification, you risk having your funding cut, so it is still a minority of scientists, even on an issue like e-cigarettes. It's fairly straight forward but it is still not the thing to speak out and rock the boat.

ECD: Another person I was thinking of was Joel Nitzkin as well, among others [also see David Sweanor, former advisor to the WHO on the subject of tobacco control.]

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