Killing by the Million – and that’s just the health campaigners…

Black and white images of gravestones.

Image above by Jim Frazier

This is not our title, but that of Clives Bates, a previous director of ASH-UK.

This short fascinating post points out that health campaigner’s insistance on pushing quitting on smokers rather than on suggesting alternative smoking methods could lead to millions dying.

If the world tobacco market shifted to selling more of this [non-combustible] alternative smoking products] and less cigarettes, millions of premature deaths could be avoided over the 21st Century.

But true to form, the well paid and comfortably smug public health community refuses to accept this concept and adopts a counter-productive prohibitionist stance – hoping naively that if people have a choice between quitting and dying, they’ll choose to quit.

Inconveniently, tobacco is highly addictive, so many wont or can’t choose to quit and will die. So instead of telling the truth about low risk options, there is a conspiracy to lie and mislead (for example, the US Surgeon General told a barefaced lie about it to Congress).

In Europe, we even have a directive (2001/37/EC see article 8 and 2.4) that bans the
much lower risk products than cigarettes.

Note: You can read this short but fascinating post (pdf) here: Killing by the Million – and that’s just the Health Campaigners!

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