Anti E Cigarette Campaign has Conflict of Interest

Our recent Associated Content article exposing the links between big pharma and the anti-smoking campaigners leading the charge against the electronic cigarette, namely Senator Lutenburg and Public Health Organisations such as the American Cancer Society, lead to comments that revealed a conflict of interest.

As we said in the article, we don’t know that the pharmecutical companies are funding this campaign against the electronic cigarettes, and we quoted tobacco harm reduction campaigner David Sweanor as stating that the campaign was due to an irrational dislike of nicotine rather than a deliberate attempt by the pharmacy companies to have the electronic cigarette banned.

However one comment left behind by Bill Godhall, co-author of Tobacco Harm Reduction: An Alternative Cessation Strategy for Inveterate Smokers, pointed to a further conflict of interest.

The American Cancer Society’s secretive decade old multimillion dollar exclusive nicotine product endorsement contract with GlaxoSmithKline (i.e ACS name and logo appear on every Nicoderm, Nicorette and Commit package and ad) almost certainly prohibits the ACS from saying anything positive about any competitive smokefree nicotine or tobacco product.

Ironically, Bill was one of the first to call for funding of these organisations – never thinking that from a campaign to stop youth from becoming addicted it would become a quit or die campaign that would promote Nicotine Replacement Therapy at the cost of a tobacco harm reduction strategy that could save the lives of those who can’t or won’t give up.

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