Big Pharma Funding Campaign Against E-Cigs?

Politicians putting money in pocket.
A post I ran across today on E-Cig news was entitled Senator whose campaign was financed by Big Pharma to the tune of $128,250 seeks to halt sale of e-cigarettes.

The article linked to a press release by Lautenburg, and obviously there was no mention of funding there. Instead it sung his praises and included his letter to the FDA arguing that the electronic cigarettes should be banned.

A little bit of research soon found the funding, though, which was listed on open secrets.

Pharmaceuticals were not his biggest funder, but certainly did fund his campaign to the tune of $128,250 – see the list of the Senator’s funding here.

Big pharmaceuticals are perhaps those with the most to lose from electronic cigarettes, with sales of smoking cessation aids likely to plunge should the electronic cigarette ever really take off.

Update: Sadly, since this post was written, we’ve seen much more action against ecigs from pharma companies.

These include funding to groups campaigning against ecigs (examples can be seen here), and memos lobbying against ecigs.

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