The Best Electronic Cigarette Sites on the Web

Information and resources on the electronic cigarette are scarce – but growing. In this world of misinformation and bias, getting the word out about the e-cigarette is important so we have compiled this list of the very best electronic cigarette websites and blogs – with the help of the users on the e-cigarette forum – for e-cigarette users and buyers.

1. The Electronic Cigarette Forum

First there is the E Cigarette Forum (on which we are listed). This is currently the number one site for discussion of the electronic cigarette, and includes a seperate section for suppliers. You can discuss anything related to e-cigarettes here, and a few that aren’t.

2. E Smoker Forever

Leaford’s E Smoker Forever provides excellent and honest reviews of the different electronic cigarettes available, as well as comments on the service available. Leaford is well respected in the e-smoking community for his reviews and his defence of the elecronic cigarette. (Link removed as site down.)

3. Electronic Inhalation Devices Forum

Electronic Inhalation Devices Forum is run by our friends at the Tobacco Harm Reduction Organisation, and has a rather more academic tone.

4. Electronic Cigarette FAQ’s

Also run by the Tobacco Harm Reduction Project, this section deals with common questions and misconceptions regarding the electronic cigarette.

5. PDX Labs

Run by a self proffessed nicotine addict of more than twenty years, PDX labs is an altruistic website whose goals include educating users, promoting self-regulation and aiding with harm reduction. Like Leaford at E-Smoker forever, who they recently interviewed, PDX labs provides an invaluable service for the e-smoking community.

Link removed as site down.

6. E Smokers Mag

Calling itself the first magazine for evolved smokers, the Electronic Smokers Magazine is an online publication for e-smokers with a focus on content across the web rather than selling products.

7. The Right to Vape

An Electronic Cigarette Forum which promotes and defends the right to smoke electronic cigarettes!

8. E Cig Test

Billing itself as the ultimate Electronic Cigarette Review Site (page since removed), or Le site de la cigarette électronique, E Cig Test is a multi-lingual European forum for e-cigarette fans.

9. Vapeatron showcases news and reviews of the latest e-cigarette models in the market. It is especially strong on reviews of different models of electronic cigarettes.

10. E-Cig Reviews

E-Cig reviews appears to be a small site at first, but a bit of digging round quickly reveals more than 500 pages of posts, reviews and commentary on electronic cigarettes – as well as numerous videos. After watching the About video I have no idea how he has enough time to keep the site going – the guy is a father, a musician, a student and is also working! (Link removed as site is down.)

11. E Smoking 101

One of the best beginner sites around, and run by a photographer (as can be seen by the images that accompany the website) E Smoking 101 provides information for both the e-smoking and the ‘analog’ smoking community.

12. The Vaper’s Guide

Directory of pubs where e-smokers can vape in peace.

12 thoughts on “The Best Electronic Cigarette Sites on the Web

  1. Every week this blog just gets better! Thanks for being a great resouce (just added some of these resources to our own site).

  2. This blog is a great resource for electronic cigarettes,
    Thanks for helping me find other great websites,

  3. Thanks Nathan. Although actually this post is severely in need of updating – I keep running across new great resources for electronic cigarettes!

  4. Nice post, I was clueless to some of these sites. It does seem that some of the links are no longer up but the sites that are live were very helpful. Thanks

  5. Undoubtedly, these are the best electronic cigarette websites especially e-cigarette-forum…I’ve learned alot there! I wonder when will we be listed among them. :p Btw, among the list, which one is your favorite?

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