NRT Effective for 1.6% of smokers

A new study suggests that the expensive Nicotine Replacement Therapy products marketed by big pharm are effective for a tiny 1.6% of smokers.

Measured over a 12 month period 98.4% of smokers were unable to quit with the NRT products.

These finds have been exposed in a post by Michael Siegel, a professor in the Boston University School of Public Health.

Given that:

  • NRT therapy does not work
  • smoking diseases kill 1/3 to 1/2 of all long term smokers
  • many e-smokers have already tried to quit and fail

the implications of denying e-smokers the choice to safer alternatives is clear.

1. Profits for big pharm who can continue to sell expensive products that don’t work.
2. Safeguarding the estabished tobacco industry.

And for at least a third of e-smokers?


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