Big Tobacco to pay FDA $500 Million/Year

It’s long been a criticism of FDA/American regulation that the FDA’s position is compromised by the fact that it is funded by the very companies it is supposed to regulate.

That looks set to continue, with big tobacco set to pay up to $500 million to the authority a year. (Source: Join Together.)

No wonder electronic cigarettes haven’t got a chance. How can a new industry afford to compete with the accumulated riches of an established industry which has reaped the rewards of years of exploiting its addicted consumers?

No wonder the FDA has come down so hard on an alternative that experts in tobacco harm reduction estimate could save hundreds of thousands of lives.


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One thought on “Big Tobacco to pay FDA $500 Million/Year

  1. The only thing that is worse than reading this is the feeling of powerlessness I get from thinking about what to do. If the FDA will not stand up for us, why should we trust anything they have to say? This is shameful, a clear conflict of interest, that is if they are interested in keeping us safe anymore.

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