FDA accused of malpractice, speaking with forked tongue

According to Tim Worstall of the National Examiner, the FDA is manipulating the results of tests on the electronic cigarette to make a case against a device obviously far healthier than cigarettes.

The FDA recently analysed 18 cartridges and found that one cartridge contained trace elements of a carcinogen found in cigarettes and cigars.

They also created more chemicals by heating up the liquid to 280 oC and then testing it, even though they found that the apparatus actually works at between 40 – 65 oC.

The reporter concluded:

Because some cartridges were found to be of concern the entire technology will be banned: or at least, that’s what they’re going to try and do. For the real complaint is that all cartridges which claimed to contain nicotine did indeed contain it and we really cannot be having people inhaling that addictive drug now, can we?

The real question is why the FDA are so keen on banning an electronic cigarette after one trace element of a carcinogen has been found in one cartridge while retaining cigarettes – known to contain tar, 40 carcinogens and thousands of chemicals?

To read the full article see The FDA and Electronic Cigarettes.


Tim is not the only one to be attacking the FDA. According to Professor Michael Siegel, the FDA and other medical groups are ‘committing medical malpractice on a massive scale.’

Michael points out that:

  • the same carcinogens that are found in e-cigarettes are found in nicotine cesssation aids
  • none of these groups are arguing that nicotine cessations aids should be banned
  • in urging smokers not to use e-cigarettes, they are essentially urging smokers to continue their lethal habit

Michael concluded:

The FDA and the anti-smoking groups damn well better start looking at the actual world around them rather than the ideological fantasy world in which they are living. People are dying and this is no joke. They can joke all they want about the traces of carcinogens in e-cigarettes. But those aren’t what are killling 400,000 people a year. I’ll say it again: it’s the damn real ones.


Read the full post here: Disingenuousness of the FDA’s Press Conference is Concerning; FDA and Anti-Smoking Groups are Committing Medical Malpractice on a Massive Scale

Taken In

Unfortunately, many bloggers and websites have been taken in by the misinformation.

States Blisstree:


If you’ve been considering switching to the so-called electronic cigarettes to keep your smoking habit but lower your health risk, save your money. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes are no safer than the traditional tobacco ones, says the FDA.


Of course, who can blame these websites. The FDA, the body now paid by big tobacco to regulate the cigarettes that kill 400,000 Americans every year, are supposed to be responsible for looking after American’s health. Which is precisely why it is so dangerous – and so irresponsible – when they provide misinformation.


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