45% of Smokers Quit With E Cigarette Says Nicotine Cessation Study

According to a medical study in South Africa highlighted by News 24 45% of smokers using e-cigarettes were able to quit within two months of switching to the innovative new product.

Of coure, what counts is whether smokers can cease smoking for the long term. However, the results remain extremely encouraging.

The survey results found:

  • 6% of smokers quit within two weeks
  • 45% of smokers quit within two months
  • more than half reported improved energy levels and an improvement in their appearance

All of the doctors involved in the study felt that the electronic cigarette could be an aid to overcoming all physical and psychological effects of smoking, with one doctor adding that:

“an e-cigarette is the most effective treatment method on the market for quitting tobacco smoking”.

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2 thoughts on “45% of Smokers Quit With E Cigarette Says Nicotine Cessation Study”

  1. best smoking alternative

    I agree with this study as I am using e-cigs myself and I found myself decreasing the urge to smoke everyday. My usage was reduced to half of what I usually taking when I am into regular cigarettes. I am happy with the results.

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