Health New Zealand: E Cigarettes Reduce Cancer Risk

Dr Murray Laugeson, one of the first scientists to carry out research on the electronic cigarette, is arguing that the electronic cigarette reduce the risk of cancer.

His arguments are based on the following:

  1. Nicotine is not a known carcinogen.
  2. The USA lung study demonstrated that the risk of lung cancer did not increase in those who stopped smoking but continued to use nicotine. This was based on a ten year follow up of smokers of thousands of ex-smokers.
  3. Over the last 25 years nicotine has been given to millions of smokers without any sign of increased risk of cancer. This includes the 8% who have become long term nicotine gum users.
  4. The cancer-causing gases of cigarettes are not found in electronic cigarettes.

In conclusion, Murray states:

Switching to e-cigarettes with nicotine continued, can be expected to reduce lung cancer risk the same as altogether quitting cigarettes without e-cigarettes.

You can read the full arguments here Electronic Cigarettes Reduce Cancer Risk, check out our interview with Murray Laugeson here or read more research here.

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One thought on “Health New Zealand: E Cigarettes Reduce Cancer Risk

  1. OMG I love the name of the blog…genius and very unique! Good info on the FDA too…amazing how their studies found them safer than traditional cigs but yet they still tried to ban them. Fortunately Judge Leon acted responsibly and didn't let them abuse their authority, particularly since he decided they didn't even have any authority over e-cigs. Thanks for sharing.

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